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Missions · Reaching the World for Christ

The Island Chapel is fully committed to seeing the Gospel spread throughout the world.

Mission Trips

One might say that missions are the very heartbeat of The Island Chapel. Through our various missions, we express our faith, share the Word of God – often with those who have never heard it, worship God, and share fellowship with people from different cultures and lifestyles. This can be true in our local missions, but is especially the case on our mission trips. In 2013, mission trips included Cuba, Haiti and New Orleans. For 2014, mission trips include Jakarta, Indonesia, Cuba, New Orleans and Haiti. In 2015, 2016, and 2017 The Island Chapel mission teams traveled to Cuba. The goal of these missions is to share the word of God, and also may include the training of new ministers, teaching women and children, helping with construction of churches and community buildings, bringing the community together through special events. Each mission trip participant is very committed; they each contribute the cost of their own airfare, as well as many other costs to prepare for their trip. Funds for other mission trip expenses are raised through Missions & Special Project Offerings.